AREA Fees Update

According to the change from TMEA, AREA fees are now $25.  The invoice that Filemaker generates shows only a fee of $20.  This was yet another wonderful thing that Filemaker has done for us this year.  If you’ve already paid your invoice (several have) please see if you can get the additional funds per AREA qualifier asap.  Thank you and very sorry.
Let me know if I can help in any way.

AREA Information

Here is the AREA Audition information just sent out by Joe Hewitt at Chapel Hill High School.  If you have any questions, his contact information is listed below, or I will do the best I can to help also.



I hope that you had a wonderful Holiday break and are ready to get back at it.

Attached you will find our host letter along with the 2019 Area Judging Panel. ( I will send the room list a little later this week.  We may be making some changes to this )

There have been a lot of director changes, and I did my best to keep the panels as even as possible in regards to region representation.  (Anyone that KNOWS your region well, please double check EVERYTHING for me)  If I didn’t get an email about a change, I just assumed they could be on the panel again.  There are LOTS of changes.

I know that it was a concern of some of yours that some region were not represented as evenly as you would have liked.  My response to this is some of the region are very small, and I try to keep the judge on the panel as someone that plays that instrument.  Smaller regions simply mean a smaller pool of directors to choose from.  Lastly, one of our smaller regions had 3 directors that were on the panel last year back out because they didn’t have any one actually make area.

Please know, I do everything in my power to ensure a fair panel.  I have no other reason not to.

Joe Hewitt

Director of Bands/Area East Coordinator

Fine Arts Coordinator

903-566-2311 ext. 1410

[email protected]



2018 Judging Panel Master-1yeusts

Host Letter 2019-2jirtwf