Region 4 Middle School South Zone Schedule Change

On Friday November 30th Union Grove will host the South Zone Middle School Auditions once again.

Since that day is a work day for them Brandon and his staff have arranged for us to start the auditions early so we do not have as late of a night as we normally do.


Here is the schedule for that day:

12:30 Students and Directors may begin arriving

1:00 Directors meeting in the library

1:30  Begin auditions


If you have any questions please let me know.

[email protected]

Contact Information

I am in the process of updating the email and other contacts for all of the director changes.  If you know of someone that has changed schools, is new, or had a staff change, please have them email me their contact info as soon as possible.  The new way the directories online are printed is making it hard for me to update them like I used to.

Thank you


[email protected]