High School Auditions

Thank you for the great job you all did today at auditions.  I apologize for the computer issue, but with the outstanding help of Charlie and Adair Melton and Austin Jesmore, we were able to mitigate the problem relatively quickly.
You have just received your results for the High School All Region Auditions.  I have spent the evening and night since the auditions ended making sure they are all correct, but we may have still missed something.  We tried to make sure all changes with students qualifying on multiple instruments were decided.  Please make sure we have addressed all of the changes concerning those and let me know if there is any additional changes.  At this point they can easily be made and reported, but we need to know quickly.
You will also notice that the results will also show you how much per AREA student you owe to the Region.  I will write a check covering all of that expense and each school reimburses their AREA fees back to the Region.  For some strange reason the Filemaker program printed a “?” instead of the $20 on some results.  If you need me to generate an invoice for your Business Office please let me know and I will be happy to do so.
AREA Auditions are in Chapel Hill on January 12th.  Your forms for each student have already been sent to the next level.
The Coordinators will be handling all of the changes for the seating in the bands, so please contact them ASAP when you know of a conflict so we can inform the next student.
You can also view the results online: