Staff Changes


I would like to request again that you send me any staff changes (names, email addresses, phone #, etc.) as soon as possible.  We are putting together judging panels and we need as many names as we can get to fill them out correctly.

Also make sure you list your staff as available when you enter your students.  Our region rules state that all staff must be present and if they are not they must hire a proxy at their cost of $75.

If you have any questions please let me know.



Please make sure your fees are mailed to the correct address.  I have received checks that have been sent to my school address, my old address, the state office, and from another school that had fees sent to them in West Texas.

Here is the correct address.  It is also printed on your invoice after you enter your students.


ATSSB Region 4 C/O Jason Steele

PO BOX 667

White Oak, TX 75693