TMEA-ATSSB Audition Entry Process Updated Information

  1. All contests deadlines will be 14 days prior to the audition.
  2. The late and final online student entry will be 7 days prior to the day of audition.
  3. Correction to an existing student entry may be made between 13 and 7 days prior to the audition without penalty, but any student entry added less than 14 days but more than 7 days prior to the contest will result in an additional 100% student late fee.
  4. Entries begun less than 14 but more than 7 days prior to the contest will be assessed a 50% additional CAMPUS fee charge and 100% student fee charge.
  5. A CAMPUS entry created less than 14 days prior to the contest will be subject to the TMEA Grievance Process.
  6. Directors will be allowed to add or change student entries the day of the audition if region rules allow it. The 50% additional CAMPUS and 100% additional student late fees will be assessed.
  7. All fees must be paid or supported by a school purchase order prior to the start of auditions.
  8. Remember – Do NOT delete DNAs – you may OMIT them but do not DELETE them.  TMEA needs the data.



Please be aware of the changes and updates to the Audition process.  Most are not new, however I will point out to you the added CAMPUS entry Grievance Process, and the added CAMPUS fee (number 4 and 6,) plus 100% entry fee for changes the day of.  Also, I will have to strictly enforce rule 7.  Please make sure you have a PO or Check to me the day of or prior to the audition or we cannot allow your student to audition.


If you have any questions please let me know.


Congratulations to our Region 4 Bands that placed in the Honor Band results today!


Atlanta Middle School 1C Honor Band

Union Grove Middle School 1C Runner Up

Union Grove High School 4th Place 1A-2A

North Lamar High School 4A Honor Band

UIL Calendar for 2018-2019

From Mark Melton

Here is a repeat of what I sent out a short time ago, but with the addition of dates, deadlines, and fees just in case you need them before our meeting. (I have had several that did not receive it for some reason)
Also, please send me any updates on staff at your district.
If you are hosting an invitational contest of any kind and want me to send it out ahead of the meeting, please get the information to me and I will be glad to forward it out.

I hope everyone has had a nice, restful summer. I also hope to see you in San Antonio next week before it all starts over once again. Here are just a few reminders:

1. Our region meeting is August 17 at 5:00 p.m. in Mt. Pleasant – please plan to attend and make sure that anyone new on your staff or new to a district near you knows about it. Also, if you can, have them send me an email so that I can have their new contact information.

2. Marching band safety training. This is the law. Please make sure that you have completed this as well as your staff and anyone in your district who works with students out in the heat (drill, cheer, etc.)
You are also required to have current CPR training (good for two years).
With the current heat wave, this may be more important than usual. Please do not put yourself or your students in harm’s way! Know what to do if someone has an emergency.
Once again, best wishes for 2018-19! I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

2018-19 UIL calendar w-fees and deadlines-25hybpo