UIL Calendar for 2018-2019

From Mark Melton

Here is a repeat of what I sent out a short time ago, but with the addition of dates, deadlines, and fees just in case you need them before our meeting. (I have had several that did not receive it for some reason)
Also, please send me any updates on staff at your district.
If you are hosting an invitational contest of any kind and want me to send it out ahead of the meeting, please get the information to me and I will be glad to forward it out.

I hope everyone has had a nice, restful summer. I also hope to see you in San Antonio next week before it all starts over once again. Here are just a few reminders:

1. Our region meeting is August 17 at 5:00 p.m. in Mt. Pleasant – please plan to attend and make sure that anyone new on your staff or new to a district near you knows about it. Also, if you can, have them send me an email so that I can have their new contact information.

2. Marching band safety training. This is the law. Please make sure that you have completed this as well as your staff and anyone in your district who works with students out in the heat (drill, cheer, etc.)
You are also required to have current CPR training (good for two years).
With the current heat wave, this may be more important than usual. Please do not put yourself or your students in harm’s way! Know what to do if someone has an emergency.
Once again, best wishes for 2018-19! I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

2018-19 UIL calendar w-fees and deadlines-25hybpo

Spring Region Meeting

I wanted to remind everyone of our upcoming Spring Region 4 TMEA/UIL meeting on Friday, May 11 at 5pm in the band room at Mt. Pleasant High School.  We’ll have our TMEA officer elections which come on even years and information from the home office in Austin regarding our Texas music programs.  We’ll also have our UIL meeting, set the calendar for next year and discuss all our competitions for the 2018-19 school year.

All ATSSB business has been handled for the upcoming year, so there is no decisions to be made with our end.

Change in Region Auditions Info

According to the State Board meeting this morning in San Antonio, we will be having to decide on etudes, cuts, and scales for All-Region Auditions prior to September 1.  This will only be required for the High School Auditions and not the Middle School.  Any choices concerning the audition material can not be changed after this date.

I will contact some of the directors in our Region and have them help in choosing any cuts and will post them online after September 1.

Clinic and Concert Change and Region Meeting

The MS Bands clinics and concerts will be at Sabine HS this weekend.  Please plan accordingly.

We will also host our annual Region Meeting on Saturday at 10AM in the Library located next to the Auditorium at Sabine High School.

Here is a Map of the parking area at White Oak if you have any questions.  Also, please note the parking situation for Friday and Saturday.  On Friday please park behind the Middle School Gym or across the street from the Auditorium.  Saturday you may park in any of the event parking areas.