All Region Etudes 2016

Use Year A for High School 2016

Update from Kenneth Griffin (8/22/16)

n Year A for Trumpet, Trombone, Bass Trombone, Euphonium, and Tuba, the ERRATA should read:

Year A, p. 15, Vivace by Bohme: In measure ten not counting the pickup note, all A’s should be A natural.

This is not a change, but a clarification.  We took out the parentheses which erroneously explained the theory behind the errata – and simply say to play them all A natural.  Please make sure your members know this – especially your judging panels.  I have posted the ERRATA clarification on the main page of the website, but do not have clarity on email addresses across the state at this time to send a mass email to make sure they all know about it.
The clarification is pretty self-explanatory, and I think the original wording is easy to understand.  But this was a question raised regarding music theory and we do not want a debate about it.  Just make all the A’s A natural and all will be well.


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